What are the MEN of St. Peter's up to?


Men's Breakfasts

The men of St. Peter's are building community through breakfast! This is a fun way to get to know and support one another! 

Next Breakfast Dates Coming Soon.

Contact Paul Barrett for More Info.  

Paul Barrett paul@spbts.org


Men's Bible Study

Monday 3:00PM (Library)

Meet with other men for fellowship, prayer and studies in our Christian lives.  We are beginning a special 4-session study on “The Lord’s Prayer” by Dr. David Wallace, starts April 10.  

Contact: Hal Lung halung1@cox.net


Wednesday 6:45AM (Library)

Join our men’s group in a new study on I Peter. It will provide more insight into challenges facing the Jewish Christians of the early centuries CE. Volunteer leaders in the group steer our weekly discussions.

Contact: Nick Davies (310) 265-9573