KATHI MOEN , Communications Director  kathi@spbts.org   (310) 377-6882 x236


KATHI MOEN, Communications Director


(310) 377-6882 x236

I grew up in the South Bay and attended Harbor College and Cal State Long Beach where I studied Psychology and Statistics. I married my high school sweetheart Kevin; we have two children, Jamie and Matt. 

Most People Don't Know: I love to paint in acrylics, I can recite the alphabet backwards, I love Spirograph. 

My Perfect Day:  It's raining/storming. I sleep in. Coffee next, daily devotional, then play with dogs. Meet family/friends for brunch; Brunch for a L-o-n-g time! Next - a drive by the ocean. Maybe take some pics. Then everyone back to our place to relax, visit, or play board-games. Make some popcorn, kick-back and watch something on Netflix.

I'm Passionate About:  Technology & Communication.  Communication is as much (or more) about listening as it is about talking.

A Favorite Bible Verse:  John 3:16-17