Featured Events & This Week


mark your calendars


Featured Events & This Week


mark your calendars


If you would like to submit an event for review please do so to

Karen Hatt at karen@spbts.org


This Week:

 MONDAY june 19

9:00 Preschool Summer Program Begins & 12:00 Lunch Bunch

10:30 Stephen Ministry (Library)

3:00 Men's Bible Study (Library)

7:00 AA Meeting (Reeves Hall)

7:00 Finance Committee (Library)


Tuesday june 20

9:00 Preschool SS & 12:00 Lunch Bunch

10:00 PV Women (Reeves Hall)


Wednesday june 21

6:45 Men's Bible Study (Library)

9:00 Preschool SS & 12:00 Lunch Bunch

9:00 Contemplative Prayer (Fireside Room)

9:00 Intercessory Prayer (Library)

10:00 NET CREW newsletter Team (Library)

3:00 Human Resources (Library)

6:00 Worship Band Rehearsal (Youth Room)

6:00 Youth Group Wed Night Tour (Off Campus)


 Thursday June 22

9:00 Preschool SS & 12:00 Lunch Bunch

10:00 Martha Mary Circle (Fireside Room)

12:00 Mission Skype Bible Study (Fireside Room)

12:30 Preschool Gymnastics (Reeves Hall)

2:00 Human Resources (Library)

6:30 Men's Chorale (Choir Room)

7:00 Boy Scouts (Reeves Hall)

7:00 Stephen Ministry Supervision (Library)


friday June 23

9:00 Preschool SS & 12:00 Lunch Bunch

10:00 Small Group (Library)


Saturday june 24

8:30 Community Rental (Fireside Room)


SUNDAY, june 25

8:00 Contemplative Worship (Reeves Hall)

8:30 Prayer Meeting (Library)

8:45 Infant/Toddler Care Open (Toddler Room)

9:05 Adult Bible Study (Library)

9:15 Traditional Worship (Sanctuary)

9:15 Childcare & Church School

10:00 Infant/Toddler Care Open (Toddler Room)

10:45 Adult Education Class (Reeves Hall)

11:00 Informal Worship (Sanctuary)

11:00 Childcare & Church School

6:00 Rock & Wave Youth Group Tonight-  (Youth Room, Fireside Room, Reeves Hall) Click HERE for Summer Youth Group Schedule!


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Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series