St. Peter’s by the Sea is committed to providing a nurturing and secure environment for our children and families.
In a safe, age appropriate engaging environment, children learn and explore as they experience the world.
Our program provides freedom for children to have spontaneous play and interaction, where they make decisions, explore, solve problems and develop skills. In addition, we emphasize structured teacher directed activities. During this time children learn to focus attention and function as a group, fostering success and positive self esteem.
Our curriculum provides opportunities that encourage social, emotional, artistic, imaginative, physical and spiritual development . Also offering many activities that allow for development in cognitive academic areas.
Our qualified staff and small class sizes allow each child to develop at his or her pace, interest and learning style. We emphasize the development of the whole child through active learning situations. Encouragement is a vital role in each child’s success.

Our fully credentialed teachers

encourage our children with these goals in mind

  • To provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience
  • To nurture a positive self image
  • To provide opportunity for creative self expression
  • To develop each child’s social skills of sharing, helping and interacting with others
  • To teach children to understand and accept responsibility for their behavior
  • To offer curriculum areas of arts, science, math, language, imaginative play and large and small motor skills.
  • To help children understand themselves as uniquely created and loved by God



Typical Day

Center Time
We believe that children learn
through play. During this time
children choose from a variety
of activities including puzzles,
play-dough, manipulatives,
science, math and games. In
center time, we work our daily
art project linked to a theme
or number/letter. This gives
the children the opportunity
to follow directions, develop
fine motor skills and be


Circle Time
This time provides
language opportunities
such as share, reading
stories, and thoughts
relating to the theme or
letter of the day. We
explore the seasons/
weather with the calendar
in mind. Finger-plays and
music/movement are great
for circle time. We also
incorporate games such as
bingo, memory, matching
and sequencing.


Outside play
Each day the children
enjoy our exciting
outside play area. They
develop social skills and
gross motor skills. They
are free to play in the
sandbox, on the climber,
and ride bicycles. We
also offer sensory bins
filled with water, beans
and rice, and more...