Much to look forward to at our next… All Together Sunday   |    MAY  6, 2018

Our All Together Sundays have been a great source of community in this New Year.  Conversations over breakfast or lunch, heart-felt worship, and faith-provoking discussions characterize our morning together.  Our experiment will continue on Sunday, May 6. 

We are so grateful for the blessings God has provided in the midst of our All Together Sundays thus far in 2018. In thankfulness and through community, we continue to seek and attempt to follow God’s call for us collectively and personally. To that end, please be a part of our next All Together Sunday, on May 6th. You are invited and encouraged to participate in as much of the morning as you are able.

We continue to believe that we are called to gather, grow and go together as a community. 

All Together Sundays 2018 - General Information

First Sundays of the Month offering Communion

Your fellow church members and St. Peter’s leadership invite you to come experience and participate in a very special Sunday to begin 2018 together.

Through hundreds of conversations, listening sessions, meetings, and prayers, two things have been confirmed over and over again.

  • There is widespread desire at St. Peter’s for reinvigorated life together as a community following the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • God is moving at St. Peter’s All Together Sundays provide opportunity to further experiment with these confirmations.

We are excited and have been prayerfully planning for our next All Together Sunday. As persons who have invested in St. Peter’s we not only invite, but also we ask you to join us for the entirety of the morning. In doing so, we are confident that God will draw us closer together as a community and deepen our common sense of God’s call and direction as we begin a New Year. We believe that we are called to gather, grow and go together as a community.

  • In order to accomplish this we ask you to join:
  • 9:00 AM or 12:00 PM Community Breakfast or Lunch on certain First Sundays (Except Easter Sunday, April 1)                Some of the best gatherings we enjoy at St. Peter’s involve a meal. We’ll enjoy delicious food prepared by many of the men and women in our community. We will also have an opportunity to hear a bit more about how we can connect and engage with local mission partners and opportunities.


  • 10:00 AMWorship                                                                                                                                                                          We will gather to worship our amazing God together. We are grateful that our God who spoke the universe into existence continues to move powerfully in this world, in this church, and in our lives. We’ll continue to explore what it means to be the Church in the 21st century. Children are welcomed to join worship, leaving for a special sermon time and then returning for communion with the rest of the St. Peter’s family. Let us worship God together.


  • 11:15 AM – Growth Time                                                                                                                                                             Before or After worship enjoy some hospitality on the patio including a cup of good coffee, yummy donuts (kids and adults love them), and connecting with friends new and old, and then join us for the Growth Time (Christian Ed) for all ages. The Growth Time for high school students and adults will stay in the Sanctuary.  School-age children will be dropped off and picked up at their classrooms in the Education Building for Church School. Middle School students will meet in the Youth Lounge for Growth Time.  Childcare for children ages three and under available all morning in our Nursery/ Toddler Center.