November ????? | Veterans Day Weekend | Friday through Sunday | Cost is $295

You Are Invited!

"These folks want to make a difference in the world and this is a very real way to do that."  

                                                                         ~Scott Porter, St. Peter's Trip Leader


A group of fun, interesting, and helpful folks from St. Peter's by the Sea Presbyterian Church will be travelling again to Tijuana, Mexico to build a two room house for a deserving Mexican family.  Last year, over a three day span this group built nearly an entire house -- all that was missing from the home was a second coat of stucco. Please consider joining them again this year.

The trip is November 10-12.  Veterans Day Weekend.  Friday through Sunday.  Cost is $295.  All money and completed forms must be received by no later than Sunday October 22, 2017

All information, including the three required forms are in this attached document.  And, if the attached documents and forms don't answer your questions, feel free to email:  Scott Porter. 

Even if you cannot make it, please consider forwarding the attached information to those that you think might be interested. There is no requirement to be affiliated with St. Peter's in any way.  And absolutely no construction skills required!

Let's do this.

Scott Porter

The activities are coordinated through Amor Ministries, a Christian organization that has overseen the construction of more than 1,200 homes a year in Mexico since 1980. Many people who have participated in previous years say they’ve returned with invigorated faith, priorities more aligned with the way they feel called to live, and new perspectives on the problems of poverty. We hope this trip satisfies whatever longings have led you here.

A little bit about Amor Ministries in this short video: