Growth Time at St. Peter's

11:00 AM Sundays  |   for all ages

Welcome Children and Families!

While adults participate in their Growth Time: Christian Educationinfants- Preschool can remain or be dropped off in our Nursery Center. During Growth Time, Children in Preschool-5th Grade participate in an all-grade class and receive a message on that Sunday’s scripture. Parents can pick up children in our classroom by 12:00PM.  High School and Junior High students will meet in the Youth Lounge.

GT Refugee Class4Extended - 2019.jpg

Growth Time Team: Ofir Garcia, Russ Trice, Devon Singh-Barrett, and Ina Marie Johnson.  

Childcare available. Refreshments Provided.


Week 1: "We're letting too many people in"...getting the facts, defining terms, and sharing our worries about the refugee and immigration issues, with faith as our guide.

Week 2:  Are you kidding....we need another week of that discussion...Part 2

Week 3: What is the right way to respond?

Week 4: This is our story

Week 5: What about the women and children?

Week 6:  Getting Practical: Form a Human Chain

week 7: TBA