Singing is a ministry that belongs to ALL the people of God. The congregation therefore is always the primary choir. The role of the volunteer choirs is to aid the whole people in their worship and outreach. So as director Mark Bennett often tells the congregation, “… make a joyful noise!” Singing in the choir or in the congregation is a great way to enrich both your personal and the corporate worship experience. 


Sanctuary Choir - The primary choir to support the 9:15 service and community outreach concerts. This is a mixed adult choir with a wide variety of choir experience and ability.  The group rehearses every Thursday evening between Labor Day and Memorial Day from 7:30 to 9:30PM in the choir room.  Then gathers at 8:15AM Sunday morning to warm up and be ready to sing at the 9:15AM service. 

Men’s Chorale - A group whose primary role is outreach, singing at the Canterbury, Star View Adolescent Center, and also participating in the concerts.  As the name suggests, this is a men’s group of mixed ages.  Rehearsals are on alternating Thursdays at 6:30PM

Chamber Choir - Primarily a concert role, but may also support worship services occasionally. This is a small mixed adult choir made up of singers with the skill and experience to be able to sing multiple part pieces accurately without accompaniment.  Rehearsals are on the other alternating Thursdays at 6:30PM, plus occasional other times as set by the group.

Festival Choir - Made up of the Sanctuary choir and other adults and teens, whom join specifically to support seasonal community outreach concerts.  

All of these groups are open to new membership at any time. New singers should see Mark to discuss which may be the best choir for them.


Director Mark Bennett is an energetic leader, with outstanding skill in vocal training and ensemble direction. He is demanding, but very patient in his approach to helping the choir to sing as well as possible. Mark works each measure of the music for rhythm, intonation, dynamics, and phrasing to deliver the pieces artistically, with worshipful, satisfying and moving beauty. And yes, it’s fun!


Contact Mark Bennett: (310) 377-6882 or